Online Casino Fish Shooting

An Introduction to Fish Shooting Games in Online Casinos

Video games with a fish shooting theme have a lengthy history that starts in Singapore and Hong Kong arcades. They have since spread to Asian-oriented regions all across the globe, including California and the Pacific Rim. In the West, there has been no shortage of discussion about the games’ gambling elements and even their connections to organized crime.

The basic idea behind fish shooting games is really simple. Fish are blasted by players (typically four players) using cannons to gain rewards. Each player uses a cannon that is placed on a different side of the game board to shoot at the same pool of fish. For gamers, deciding which fish to shoot is an important decision. Since the fish vary in rarity, “health,” and speed, it is far easier to kill a small fish for less rewards than a large fish for more rewards. It’s important to keep an eye on whether a fish has just entered or is about to depart the board because fish float in and out of it as well.

In these games, the cannon ammunition also serves as the main currency. In other words, you invest money when you shoot the fish, and if you fail to kill it, you forfeit the cash and bullets you invested. The winner of all the rewards is the player who accurately fires the final shot necessary to kill each fish.

Additionally, the player has control over the bullets’ potency. Why is this important? Let’s say your regular rate of fire is one shot per second (bullet). In other words, every shot that is fired uses up one bullet. However, this frequently spares the larger fish. As a result, players usually increase the rate to 1:5, 1:20, or 1:50. Consider a situation in which you shot a continuous burst at 1:50 pace and the fish managed to escape. The stakes are undoubtedly higher at this speed.

Online Casino Fish Shooting

Some Special Features of Fishing Games

Let’s quickly review some of the crucial social, monetization, and retention elements of fish shooting games.

The foundation of the commercialization of these games is the fusion of a currency and gaming energy, which is common to other casino games like poker. In other words, the main currency of the game is used to pay for some products, but players also need it to join in on the action and restock their ammo. Additionally, the addition of other boosters, such as “kill all the fish on the board,” frequently makes the basic gameplay profitable.

Although cannon skins, wings, and player avatar frames are frequently the focus of meta-monetization, power progression elements have also been noticed; for instance, in some games, various cannons have differing stats.

Money, cosmetics, and boosters are frequently the foundation of the monetized content. The methods utilized to monetize the material include gacha wheels, limited-time promos, VIP systems, subscriptions, and even rentable commodities.